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Dekorom - Decorative 3D panels

The incontestable luxury, quality and creativity of our interior design products made the name dekorom synonymous with excellence.

Dekorom 3D Design is a Romanian manufacturer of gypsum 3d wall panels.

Formed by a young and dynamic team, our company wants to bring a better alternative to existing products currently on the market. Our products are durable, strong and aesthetic.

Plaster fulfills all the conditions of a 100% ecological building material, giving this quality and our products. A particular advantage is the ability to capture excess moisture and remove it when appropriate, taking an active role in the regulation of indoor climate.

Plaster structure makes it a poor conductor of heat and therefore decorative 3D panels DEKOROM creates perfect insulation of rooms ensuring energy savings.

The plates are reinforced with fiberglass. The plates are produced in various shapes and designs to satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of design.

About plaster

Hygrometer regulation, Fire resistance, Sound insulation

Choosing plaster as a material for making decorative profiles is today, more than ever, a conscious will to develop an ecological production.

Instrucțiuni de montaj panouri 3D

Mounting instructions

Preparing the wall, fixing the boards, grouting ...

Our system of 3D decorative panels is a simplicity in itself.
Measure and fix level from the floor ...

All the 3d decorative panels patterns are registered trademarks Dekorom, protected by the law. Using the present patterns without patent owner’s consent will be prosecuted by the competent authorities.