Mounting instructions of 3D panels

A. Preparing the wall and decorative panels

  • Measure and fix the level of mounting from the floor
  • Prime the wall
  • Prime the plate on the mounting side

B. Placing the plates

  • Mount the plate on the wall with:
    • Plaster adhesive (for wall with plaster) – estimated consumption 2.5 kg / m2
    • Tile adhesive (for walls painted with washable paint) – estimated consumption 2.5 kg / m2

C. Grouting and finishing

  • The joints between the plates are rotated with finishing plate based on gypsum with light loading - estimated consumption 0.3 kg / m2
  • Finishing joints with 600 grit granularity

D. Painting

  • Priming plates for uniformization
  • Paint the plates with latex or silicone based paint by spraying or applying with roller or brush
  • The plates are painted with the final paint desired by the client.
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