About plaster

Choosing the plaster as material to manufacture decorative profiles is today, more than ever, a conscious will to develop organic production.
For centuries, the properties of plaster have been highlighted and we are trying to spot the most important:
  • The hygrometric adjustment of room air, plaster plaster leaves the walls of a room to breathe to prevent the occurrence of gambling
  • Fire resistance, does not melt like polystyrene
  • Soundproofing: for increased sound insulation the interior walls will always be plated with plaster boards with high density plaster and not with polystyrene.

Since ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used plaster for interior decoration and today is widely recognized as a material harmless to health and also environmentally friendly.

Plaster is made by mixing mineral gypsum with water and does not require adhesives, solvents or any product harmful for humans to harden.

In order to achieve superior quality of decorative profiles, we use only high density molding stucco made especially for the production of stucco (decorative interior plaster).

Mounting instructions